Discovery Day

12 APRIL 2019


We are very pleased to invite you to our second Discovery Day, organized by Willem Middelkoop’s Commodity Discovery Fund, on Friday 12th April 2019. During the Discovery Day, you can meet up with eight specially selected companies which are developing or producing significant gold, silver, zinc, copper and uranium discoveries. The Commodity Discovery Fund has an investment portfolio of over 100 companies working on natural resources discoveries and has positions in all presenting companies. As a private investor you will gain more insight into the world of mining projects and the coming extra demand for natural resources. We would be honoured to have you join us on this Discovery Day.

Commodity Discovery Fund

The Commodity Discovery Fund is an investment fund based on Dutch law, although its investments are primarily in Canadian-listed mining and exploration companies. The Commodity Discovery Fund is one of only a small number of investment funds in the world that are primarily focused on new natural resources discoveries. Gold, silver, uranium, nickel, coal, gas, oil and rare earth element discoveries add value in the order of billions of dollars annually. We have called this form of investing ‘Discovery Investing”. Investing in mining companies developing natural resources projects can be very profitable. Exploration companies with a significant discovery usually get taken over by larger mining companies aiming to replenish their reserve base, at a premium, often within a few years. We call this investment strategy ‘Discovery Investing’, and has proven itself by an average of one takeover every quarter since our inception.





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Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ

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